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Words will only destroy it.

of course I want to rock and roll

Denise Francesca Seabreeze Rascal Valducci
2 May
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There was once a girl who lived in a world of satirical madness. Constantly bruising her body by running into one contradiction after another. This is the life she led as a lover and a fighter synchronistically.

Don't betray them by becoming familiar.

le__rockout yeah, that's right.


adrien fricken brody, aladdin, all things benefit, alx bacca, asp, basketball, batman, books, boys, burt's beeswax, cake, chamilly-kins, chandler bing, chococat!, classic rock, colin firth, comics, crazy dancing, dave rygalski/dustin knight, dressing down, dressing up, faking accents, finishing a journal, francesca lia block, gambit is sex, getting drunk on laughter, going to shows, jaime y lupe, kisses, lame television, literati 4 life, living without second thoughts, mangas, mint chocolate, music music music, my bebe credit card, nymphing, party hardy, pasadena, pissing you off, poe, pride and prejudice, puppy dog naps, ribbon ties, sakura pens, sanrio tin boxes, screaming and yelling, second chances, shakespeare, shaun white, singing like a lunatic, sleep, stuffed crust pizza, tag team insulting, taking pictures, the beach, venice beach, volleyball, water, wb, wet milo, x-men